My name is Jacob Nyrup and I am a Postdoctoral Fellow/Assistant Professor at University of Oslo. I hold a DPhil in Politics from Nuffield College, University of Oxford, where I am also an Associate Member. Furthermore, I am affiliated with the project WEALTHPOL.

Some of my research is published or forthcoming in the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Politics, European Journal of Political Research, and Comparative Politics. I mostly work within comparative politics and political economy. My CV can be found here.

Bio and research interests

My research focuses on three separate areas, namely authoritarian regimes, wealth inequality, and Danish municipalities. To most people these three topics seem incompatible and weirdly unrelated. Nonetheless, my choice of research is not the result of a completely random walk.

I did my first master’s degree at London School of Economics, where I studied statistics and political economy. Here, I wrote my thesis on coalition formation in Danish Municipalities. This may sound dull to most people, but it actually concerns a fairly important issue; how is power distributed following an election? Furthermore, it opened up my eyes to the ocean of data, which is available on elections in Danish municipalities. My research on Danish municipalities includes the paper Confident and cautious candidates: Explaining under-representation of women in Danish municipal politics (With Malte Dahl), and I am currently working on a project on the inclusion of extreme parties in local government with Martin Vinæs Larsen and Frederik Hjorth.

After finishing my first master’s degree, I went on to do another at University of Copenhagen. Here, I took courses in development economics and comparative regime types. I found that, while there is a big body on literature on institutions in democracies, the literature on authoritarian regimes is lacking. Therefore, I decided to apply for a Ph.D., where I focused on this. My research on authoritarian regimes includes the papers Performance and Promotions in an Autocracy (with Lasse Aaskoven) and The Morning After: Cabinet Instability and the Purging of Ministers after Failed Coup Attempts in Autocracies (with Laure Bokobza, Suthan Krishnarajan, Casper Sakstrup, and Lasse Aaskoven). I am working on a handful of papers based on my PhD. Furthermore, the project WhoGov emanates from my Ph.D. WhoGov is the largest available dataset on members of government across time and countries, and is presented in the article Who Governs? A New Global Dataset on Members of Cabinets. WhoGov won the Lijphart/Przeworski/Verba Best Data Set Award 2021.

I began my Ph.D. at Oxford in October 2016. I had Ben Ansell as my supervisor. Here, I got affiliated with the WEALTHPOL-project. I therefore also work on wealth inequality. As a part of the project I have, amongst other things, co-authored the paper Sheltering Populists? House Prices and the Support for Populist Parties (With Ben Ansell, Martin Vinæs Larsen and Frederik Hjorth). During my PhD I was at exchange at Yale University.

Together with Martin Vinæs Larsen I have also been running a forecasting tournament on the COVID-19 pandemic.


Phone No.: 0045 51342188

Twitter: @jacob_nyrup