Working papers:

Performance and Promotions in an Autocracy: Evidence from Nazi Germany (With Lasse Aaskoven, University of Essex), presented at APSA 2018. PDF here. Under review.

Confident and cautious candidates: Explaining under-representation of women in Danish municipal politics (With Malte Dahl, University of Copenhagen). PDF here. Under review.

The myth of the effective strongman? Internal constraints, external constraints and economic growth in autocracies, presented at APSA 2018. PDF here.

Other ongoing projects:

Ministers of the world (With Stuart Bramwell, University of Oxford)

The Causal Effect of Political Fragmentation (With Martin Vinæs Larsen, University of Aarhus)

Sheltering Populists? House Prices and the Support for Populist Parties (With Ben Ansell, University of Oxford, Martin Vinæs Larsen, University of Aarhus and Frederik Hjort, University of Copenhagen). Slides presenting the project here.


Mens vi venter på resultatet: Valgnatten er mindre blodig end sit rygte, Analysis for Politiken

Teaching experience:

Fall 2017 and 2018: Political Analysis 2 (Q-Step 2)

Spring 2018: R-Clinic and Introduction to R at the Oxford Spring School in Advanced Research Methods

Spring 2018: Practice of Politics (at Harris Manchester College)

Esfehan, Iran