Sheltering Populists? House Prices and the Support for Populist Parties (With Ben Ansell, Martin Vinæs Larsen, and Frederik Hjorth). Forthcoming in the Journal of Politics.

The Morning After: Cabinet Instability and the Purging of Ministers after Failed Coup Attempts in Autocracies (With Lasse Aaskoven, Laure Bokobza, Suthan Krishnarajan, and Casper Sakstrup). Forthcoming in the Journal of Politics.

Performance and Promotions in an Autocracy: Evidence from Nazi Germany (With Lasse Aaskoven). Forthcoming in Comparative Politics.

Confident and cautious candidates: Explaining under-representation of women in Danish municipal politics (With Malte Dahl). 2021. European Journal of Political Research, 60, pp. 199-224.

Who governs? A new global dataset on members of cabinets (With Stuart Bramwell). 2020. The American Political Science Review, 114(4), pp. 1366-1374. Working paper version here.

Do Survey Estimates of the Public’s Compliance with COVID-19 Regulations Suffer from Social Desirability Bias? (With Martin Vinæs Larsen and Michael Bang Petersen). 2020. Journal of Behavioural Public Administration, 3(2).

Working papers:

Reining in the Rascals: How Representation Mainstreams Extreme Parties (With Martin Vinæs Larsen and Frederik Hjorth). PDF here.

The Rise of Multiparty Autocracy (With Laure Bokobza). PDF here.

The myth of the benevolent autocrat? Internal constraints, external constraints and economic development in autocracies, presented at APSA 2018, DPSA 2018 and PEDD 2020. PDF here (Very old version, will be updated soon).

Figurines and Doyennes: The selection of female ministers in autocracies and democracies (With Hikaru Yamagishi and Stuart Bramwell).

From your house to their House: do changes in constituency house prices change how MPs speak? (With Ben Ansell and Laure Bokobza).

Ongoing projects:

How do Wealth and Income Affect Individuals’ Attitudes towards Redistribution and Taxation? (With Ben Ansell, Laure Bokobza, Asli Cansunar, Mads Andreas Elkjaer, and Jonas Markgraf). Pre-Analysis Plan is found at

In it for the money? On the origins of opposition to new housing development (With Martin Vinæs). The Pre-Analysis Plan is found at


My PhD-thesis can be found on this link.

Teaching experience:

Fall 2017 and 2018: Political Analysis 2 (Q-Step 2).

Spring 2018: R-Clinic and Introduction to R at the Oxford Spring School in Advanced Research Methods.

Spring 2018: Practice of Politics (at Harris Manchester College).

Esfehan, Iran